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Grow your organisation’s commitment to inclusion and diversity through our team’s experience, advisory support and coaching.


‘To Be’ at Work

To be or not to be: That is the question. Inclusion is all about being. Enabling people to belong for who they are, not for who we prefer they be. Are your teams free ‘to be’ at work?





Best companies to work for rate 75% higher for inclusion
DDI, Diversity & Inclusion Report 2020

The ever-growing body of research on diversity and inclusion shows that well-managed, diverse teams are more engaged, innovative, and have higher performance levels when compared to their less diverse competitors. Therefore, if you really want to unlock your organisation’s full potential, diversity and inclusion efforts are a key part of the process.


To unleash the power of all, it is critical to rise above our limiting mindsets, and even more importantly, to transcend constricted heart-sets. The human spirit, our deepest, most authentic humanity, cannot be denied or minimized by judgements that tend to restrict our collective worth. In the end, synergy supersedes separateness and eventually prevails; inclusion is the soul of synergy. 

Forbes 2021


Learning about individuals’ unique strengths and unique experiences, and showing recognition for these, is what leads employees to feel valued and respected… 

… This is what enables going beyond surface-level inclusion in favour of real, individual-based inclusion. Inclusion efforts may be well-meaning, but without a backbone of support and respect, they may seem less than genuine.

Harvard Business Review 2020

How our understanding of satisfaction has evolved

Two decades ago, the prevalent assumption was that employee satisfaction was driven by decent salaries, benefits and retirement plans; the subtle inference being: ‘Aren’t you lucky to work here?’ That mindset has shifted dramatically, especially with the advent of millennials and Gen Z, along with their prevalent mentality: ‘Aren’t you lucky to have me?’

EM-PA-THY:  The Human Side of Leadership, 2021

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