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INCLUSION+ is not another trendy diversity program, but rather a sustainable leadership commitment.


Our Golden Circle

Our What

Our What is directly tied to your organisation’s success at building a culture where inclusion and diversity are valued as key drivers of high performance. Through a variety of tailored programs and services, we reinforce why inclusion at work is no longer optional. 


Once considered the soft stuff, the hard reality is that inclusion is now core to sustainability. You cannot attract, develop, or retain talented people without it. Healthy soil, healthy plants. Healthy culture, healthy people. Our What is all about helping people to thrive.

Our How

Our How is grounded in our ten tenets – guiding principles that differentiate INCLUSION+ from other programs.  Inclusion and diversity were once viewed as cursory ‘initiatives’ that were more about ‘tick the box’ compliance rather than true commitment to build a work culture where people feel a strong sense of belonging. 


Our work with your organisation goes deep and broad to help shift the way leaders think about their role in getting the best from their teams. Our How lines up with the aspiration of most people who come to work each day wanting to make a real difference. 

Our Why

Our Why is our purpose. Our team are committed to help organisations succeed with their desire to enable their people to lead and live healthier and more rewarding lives. For some people, their work is a means to an end. For others, their work is about something bigger than a pay cheque, where they strive to make a difference in the quality of life for others. 


We believe that walls are built to keep people out whereas bridges are built to invite people in. Our Why is all about tearing down walls and building bridges to connect people through a greater sense of common purpose. 


We enable our people to thrive.

Our Ethos -
The Ten Tenets


Inclusivity is as human as it gets.


In an atmosphere of safety, there are no oppressors or victims. 


We welcome, value and affirm people who want to belong and make a difference.


We appreciate people for their authentic selves, all aligned around common purpose.


Noisy teams are healthier than quiet teams.


We affirm, reward and promote people who support the success of others.


Our culture is soil, our people are plants, the crop is our gift.​


Leadership is defined by voice, not by rank. 


Our demography reflects the diversity across and beyond our value chain.

The courage to be yourself means you are aware of your shortcomings, and your primary objective is not to hide them, but to incorporate them into an integrated perspective on who you are as a person.

The Impostor Syndrome: Becoming an Authentic Leader, 2013



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