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Inclusion is all about feeling affirmed and valued for bringing your authentic voice to any conversation where you can make a difference. Our definition of ‘leader’ is anyone who cares to make a difference, someone willing to take a stand for what they believe will lift the team’s performance. 

The INCLUSION+ experience helps organisations to turn the volume up on leadership and engagement.  Integral to our ethos, we believe that noisy teams are healthier than quiet teams.


Define strengths & areas to strengthen 

  •  Concise 33 question survey

  • Measures five key I & D dimensions

  • Link with internal metrics to establish baseline and targets

  • Focus groups to assess impact of leadership shadow



Conversations with the Board & Executive Team

  • Culture & People: AKL Teaching Gardens

  • NZ 2050: Getting on the front foot

  • NZ and global benchmarks/best practice

  • Top-down leadership and ownership

  • Agree metrics to track progress

The INCLUSION+ Experience

The Business Case for Inclusion


Can integrate with existing L&D framework or build anew 

  • Action Learning: A structured and continual learning process across time

  • Prep executive team and senior leaders to co-facilitate

  • Designed for all staff who lead people and teams


Unconscious Bias in Leadership

  • Overview 12 prevalent unconscious biases and their impact on team and organisational inclusion

  • How to recognise and mitigate exclusion in recruitment, hiring & promotion practices

  • The practice of ‘mindfulness’ and how to increase self-awareness and connection when navigating through important conversations

  • Post-workshop exercises to illuminate and mitigate unconscious bias

How People Thrive in the Workplace

  • The hierarchy of five human needs and how they are relevant to staff engagement, productivity and performance

  • Strategies to build a team culture where people thrive in their work

  • The power of purpose:  alignment of personal and organisational purpose and values to drive stronger engagement

  • Unpacking empowerment:  From managing to leading others

Emotional Intelligence:  The New Black

  • The four elements of EQ:  Self-Awareness, Self-Regulation, Social Awareness, Relationship Management, Empathy

  • The neurology that underpins EQ:  the role of the limbic brain and human connection

  • Learning to recognise and trust intuition in decision making

  • Feedback:  How to solicit and incorporate into your leadership style

  • Role play & practice scenarios to build emotional intelligence

Authenticity & Impostor Syndrome

  • The seven elements of authenticity and their impact on leadership effectiveness

  • How to recognise and manage the inherent tensions between ‘fitting in’ and ‘standing out’

  • Reframing vulnerability:  from vice to virtue

  • Impostor syndrome:  How to recognise and combat the symptoms

  • Strategies & tools to build greater self-awareness and confidence

 Empathy:  The Human Side of Leadership

  • Unpacking the three elements of empathy:  Cognitive, Emotional, Compassionate

  • The business case for empathy:  What the research shows

  • Presence:  The distinction between ‘being’ and ‘doing’

  • Six ways to listen with stronger empathy

  • Role play and practice scenarios to build empathy

The Art & Skill of Coaching

  • Coach2Coach:  A five-point coaching game plan

  • The distinction between coaching, leading & managing others

  • How to give constructive & timely feedback

  • The power of storytelling:  Tapping into the four archetypes of the human psyche (hope, despair, reckoning, growth)

  • Role play and practice scenarios

INCLUSION+ Leadership Workshops


Where have we grown?  Where are there still opportunities?

  • Focus group pulse checks

  • Tracking internal metrics against external benchmarks

Traction and Momentum


Sustaining momentum beyond the first year

  • Annual INCLUSION+ Survey to track progress and goals

  • Refresher Leadership Cohort Workshops

  • Induction to INCLUSION+ for new leaders

  • Intermittent forums to focus on global benchmarks

INCLUSION+ Sustainability


Optional, but worth considering to strengthen coaching capability

  • Individually tailored with INCLUSION+ practitioner

Personalised Leadership Coaching

Creating a culture of inclusion and deep connection

In our fast-paced world with distractions coming in at us from every direction, it is important to be more purposeful about ‘connection’ — both at work and at home.

The INCLUSION+ Experience

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